Preston Family
March 20, 2019 - 7:35:48 p.m.

Additional details on the Preston, Westfield and Kennet Families supplied by David, much appreciated, many thanks


Chaplin Family
February 9, 2019 - 4:46:39 p.m.

Many thanks to Patti for the correct details of parents for Elizabeth Manley Chaplin. 

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Blott and Brimson Family History

The Blott and Brimson family into which I was adopted in 1947 was all the family I knew until 2000. When I decided to look into the family tree on my natural side, an uncle said that he had done some work on his grandmother's side a few years before but had lost interest, would I like to carry it forward. He gave me scraps of paper, photos and some documents, so from this the current tree has developed. The Blott family originally came from the Huntingdonshire/Cambridge area before migrating to London.

My Gt Grandmother was a Sandford from Elsenham in Essex. The Blott family in early to mid 1800s were bakers by trade and the daughters seemed to carry on the tradition by marrying bakers. The Blott family later diversified into metal work and clerical occupations.

The Brimson family were agricultural labourers in and around Tiverton, Devon. Finally some of the sons moved in the 1860s to London and 1890s to Cardiff. My grandfather was a London bus driver ‎(picture in the gallery)‎ and other Brimsons became butchers and decorators.

The family tree traces the Blott name back to 17th century and the Brimson to early 18th.

I have researched lots of other names that have married into both families.The Bailey family from Etwall in Derbyshire is the latest line of investigation. It appears that this family of chemists, invented some marvellous medical appliances which can be viewed on the gallery. Francis Bailey emigrated to New Zealand about 1880 and started the Bailey tree there. I am still expanding the Bailey tree with the help of my New Zealand cousin Marie.

One of the Lewis family emigrated to Australia, circa 1900.

I still have masses to find with regard to this family, but I hope you find the information useful and the pictures entertaining.


Grateful thanks to the following members of the Blott, Brimson and related families in helping me with my research

Graham Page, Diane Rigden, Marion Jensen, Jill Riches, Marie Walker, Lucy Marshall, Liam Montgomery, Barbara Baxter, Brian Edwardes, Martin Spicer, Jill Banks, Linda Groark, Dean Malpass, Jeni Leprince, Diana Francis, Marjorie Eldred, Les Stewart, Duncan Monkhouse, Nick West, Geoff Swan, Peter Wartho, Sylvia Latham and Donna Royle.

November 20, 2016 - 3:18:33 p.m.
Blott and Brimson
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