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3 March 2015 - 21:30:08

Additional details on Walter Reuben Tollis sent by Marita, much appreciated.

New details on the Tollis family sent by Carolyn in Australia, many thanks also 2 photos of Nathaniel William Tollis and his wife Esther.

NB. People that I do not have a death date for or are less than 99 years old, will be shown as private.

Corporal Thomas Tollis
3 March 2015 - 21:05:58

Changes to Corporal Thomas Tollis name see below as verified by Steve Mangan. There are Tollis's in France, Italy and America. Some of the American Tollis family may be of Irish descent.. I have put all that I can find in the Family Tree database but there are many that are not linked currently.

Steve Mangan has found in National Archives at Kew Corporal Thomas Tollis original military pay and muster book entries, repatriated from Sydney. These pay books were completed monthly and list all soldiers in each Company in the same listed order. The National Archives file series is WO 12 / 9899 ‎(25 June 1798 - 24 December 1799)‎. They show quite conclusively that Corporal Thomas Tollis was originally Thomas Tolhurst. Month after month he is so named and numbered until suddenly in the record for the period 25 June - 24 July 1799, his name changes to Thomas Tollis.

There is no doubt that it is one and the same man because his companions either side of him on the list are all the same. The only change is the change in spelling of the name from Tolhurst to Tollis. It would appear that a deliberate decision was made by the recorder and/or Thomas Tolhurst himself that henceforth he should be known as Thomas Tollis.

I am guessing that the Kentish pronunciation of his name was the driver for the change in spelling. There are, as I am sure you are aware, numerous Tolhursts in Kent. The local Kentish manner of pronunciation could easily be heard as Tollis. The following details start from the Thomas Tollis a mason by trade who enlisted in the army at Maidstone, Kent on 12 January 1796 as a Private in the 20th Light Dragoons. He arrived at Port Jackson on the Ganges on 2 June 1797.

Thomas Tollis was born C 1777 presumably in Kent and died 25 July 1821.TT had a relationship, apparently de facto, with a convict named Elizabeth ‎(Betty)‎ Atkinson who was born c 1760 at Manchester and who arrived together with 96 female convicts on the Brittania on 18 July 1798 and seems to have died in Sydney c1806.. Betty was 38 years old and had been convicted of a minor felony for which she was sentenced to transportation to NSW for seven years.

This relationship produced one daughter named Elizabeth born c 1797 died in New Zealand on 25 March 1867. Corporal Thomas Tollis then met and subsequently married Ann Waters on 26 May 1812. Ann Waters was born in Scotland c 1785 and died 13 April 1821.

They had several children including Thomas born c 1808 died at Alexandria on 2 August 1880 and Harriot‎(t)‎ born 18 June 1810 died pre 1832 married James Tierney 29 November 1824 - both of these children appear to have been born before Thomas and Ann were permitted to marry.

Then followed Ann born 1 March 1814 died ?? she married George Hely in 1831 and also George Grierson ‎(or was this Gray?)‎ c 1840, Samuel born 8 February 1816, Nathaniel born 16 May 1818 died 24 May 1860 ‎(or should this be 1863?)‎ and married Sophia Walford on 14 May 1836. Sophia was born c 1820 and died c 1905 ‎(as Upton?)‎ but stated as 19 March 1890 per Enid Bohlson ?, and Eliza who was born c 1821 and died 23 April 1821 close to the deaths of both her parents.

Current Tollis named families in the UK live in Yorkshire, London and Birmingham. Many thanks to the following people who have helped to compile the Tollis family tree. Ian Kenny, Enid Bohlsen, Bruce Hamilton Tollis, Michael S Tollis Kath Hansen and Trish Haselden. ‎(I also have a copy of Enid Bohlsen's book regarding the Tollis family, which I have not had time to copy into the tree. Pictures on the gallery are from that book.

Tollis Bicycle
3 March 2015 - 21:02:00

researched and written by Ian Kenny

I had heard of the King St. Mascot bicycle shop first from my mother who said that a cousin made a good bicycle; I did not give much thought to the family connection until a neighbour Don Strachan, became interested in Genealogy and it transpired he was a distant relative, sending me details of my family tree and so my interest in Tollis bicycles was rekindled. Whilst at the Wings and Wheels rally at Nowra in October 1995, Phil Westbrook also told me of the existence of the King St shop and the seed was sown-to track down and if possible acquire a piece of my family's history.

Donald Edwin Tollis ‎(b 1887, d 1971)‎ opened for business at his 210 King St Mascot shop in 1922-it also was the family residence, Russell was born there in 1916. Donald made all his bicycle frames by hand, using Reynolds and BTM ‎(Aust.)‎ tubing. These were mostly double-butted, lugs were Brampton brazed on with heating assisted by an old-fashioned bellows. An electric fan superseded the bellows in about 1937. Donald had served an appropriate Apprenticeship as he had worked for Bennett and Barkell ‎(1916-18)‎, Wynall Cycles ‎(also Bennett and Barkell)‎, then Bennett and Wood where he made frames for Speedwell Cycles ‎(1918-22)‎.

Russell made his bicycles until 1978 when he retired I can ride Russell's last Tollis any more then I know it will be safe in Annemarie's care-in the Bicycle Museum where enthusiasts can appreciate Russell's craftsmanship.

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