Rev Philip HYNEAge: 8518561941

Rev Philip HYNE
Name prefix
Birth 21 April 1856 50 25
Death of a maternal grandmotherCaroline HADDOCK
June 1861 (Age 5)
Death of a fatherPhilip HYNE
21 February 1868 (Age 11)
Marriage of a parentDavid BURNETRosabelle Susan HAINSView family
September 1868 (Age 12)
Religious marriageEllen Watson STOCKERView family
18 September 1883 (Age 27)
Birth of a son
George Acland HYNE
September 1884 (Age 28)
Birth of a son
Warwick Melville HYNE
8 June 1886 (Age 30)
Birth of a daughter
Norah Eloise HYNE
2 December 1887 (Age 31)
Birth of a daughter
Beatrice Annette HYNE
14 October 1889 (Age 33)
Death of a motherRosabelle Susan HAINS
26 May 1913 (Age 57)
Marriage of a childFrederick Charles BARKERNorah Eloise HYNEView family
28 September 1920 (Age 64)
Death of a wifeEllen Watson STOCKER
13 November 1932 (Age 76)
Marriage of a childWarwick Melville HYNEElizabeth JOHNSONView family
December 1939 (Age 83)
Vicar of Woodside, Luton

Death 31 May 1941 (Age 85)
Will 18 September 1941 (3 months after death)
Family with parents - View family
Marriage: September 1855Plymouth
8 months
Mother’s family with David BURNET - View family
Marriage: September 1868W Derby
Family with Ellen Watson STOCKER - View family
Marriage: 18 September 1883St Alphage, Greenwich
1 year
21 months
18 months
22 months

Shared note

The first Vicar, Philip Hyne, was to make his mark on the place.He was to remain in Slip End for fifty two years, even thoughthe endowment (annual allowance) was modest by 19th centurystandards. Why did he not move on? We will probably nev er know.In 1879 he trained at St Aidan's college, Chester having had noOxbridge pedigree normal to most Church of England clergy. Hewas ordained in 1881 and served first as a curate at St Andrew'sCathedral, Aberdeen and in 1883 moved to Kensworth, nearby. Whenhe moved the short distance to Slip End, it was again as curate,but in 1892 St. Andrew's became a parish in its own right and sohe received the title `Vicar'. It was 26th May 1886 when he cameto Slip End and on May 30th preached twice at the missionchapel. He recorded the texts he used in the register andoccasionally the attendance and the collections. There wasMattins and Sermon at 11, Sunday school at 2.30 and Evensong andSermon at 6. The pattern was to vary little over the years. Atfirst Mr Hyne was to live in Summer Street, opposite the WorkingMens Club. From all accounts he was a good preacher, but he didnot get on well with the chapels and he was thought of as beinga class apart. In 1903 a new and very grand Vicarage was to bebuilt for him which took him a little further out of the villageand can only have underlined the class difference.In February1936 he was taken ill during a service and took few servicesafter that. His handwriting changes quite significantly and hislast appearance was in October 1937. There is no sign of afarewell or a thank you or a send off. He retired in Luton anddied shortly afterwards.